Oliver’s passion for Cannabis; growing, learning and working with the plant, existed many years before legal Medical Cannabis in California. He has been an outspoken Cannabis advocate in front of the Los Angeles City Council, and neighborhood councils. He has done countless interviews for the Los Angeles press and worked with fellow patients in special interests groups such as the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA), Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) local 770.

In 2005, the opportunity began to start the planning phase of a collective. It was in a very volatile time, but the rewards outweighed the risks. After many hurdles, 420 Compassion Center opened in the spring of 2006. One very successful year later, the landlord was forced to evict the dispensary, due to a threat of asset forfeiture from the DEA.

He spent the next year as a Cannabis broker. Acting as the intermediary for growers and dispensaries. It was there that is long list of associations began.

He was then brought on to the board of directors to California Patients Alliance, a premiere Los Angeles dispensary. He operated/managed the successful dispensary, until it’s sale in 2015.

Currently, he is the Vice President of Operations for Unified Patient Alliance in Los Angeles. There he oversees the dispensary, and handles the current, ever changing compliance laws for the company.